Living With LessNeurons —

What's Next After Losing Part Of Your Mind: A true story of life beyond stroke.

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Jarvis was a typical, middle-aged man in the early summer of 2019. He didn't know what a transient ischemic attack (TIA) was until he had six of them in one evening.

The next day, Jarvis walked into an emergency room on his own power to get checked out. The TIAs had been scary, but he figured they were just a warning that he needed to take better care of himself. Six days later, an ambulance drove him home from the hospital. He'd lost the use of his left arm and leg. Jarvis had suffered a stroke – AFTER going to the hospital.

Brain damage is like a plane crash; it’s a terrifying event we hope never happens to us. If we survive, it's a miracle, and a chance to reevaluate our future. Living With Less Neurons tells one person’s story of embracing life again after a catastrophic set-back.

(Note to grammarians: Yes, the author realizes a more grammatically correct title would be "Living With Fewer Neurons," but that doesn't roll off the tongue or fit on a book cover as well.)

Proceeds from this book shared with American Stroke Association

About The Author

My life path did not result in fabulous wealth or impressive accomplishments, but it sure has been interesting! Not many people get list "Game Show Host" on their resumes. Yep, I toured the USA as the host of a live game show for six years. We performed at college campuses, shopping malls, and festivals in 43 states. In a word, the show was "zany."

I've also worked as a VitaMix Demonstrator and an RV Delivery Driver, among other curious jobs, but most of my career life was in radio broadcasting. This helps explain the variety of other jobs. Working in radio is like being a movie actor; only a select few hit it big, and I was never selected. I kept doing it because it's a darn fun way to barely earn a living.

Two months before my 60th birthday, I had a stroke. It seemed my life of adventures was over. Rehabilitation would require extensive therapy, and it might be a year before I could even walk again. In the first few weeks, I often questioned my will to carry on. I could not stand up by myself, dress myself, could not even get to the toilet without help. This was not a life worth living. It was not in my nature to give up, but continuing life as an invalid seemed unbearable.

Something in me would not give up. Progress was slow and painful. It took weeks to see the slightest change, but tiny improvements proved recovery was happening.

Five months after the stroke, I was able to walk - with a crutch - into my cousin's house for a holiday get-together. At the one-year mark, I no longer needed the crutch. I could use my left hand to open jars, turn doorknobs, and hold a coffee mug. The stroke was devastating, but it didn't end the fun in my life. Besides, having lots of time on my hands during recovery led me to another curious job - writing books!

Mobile Vending – How To Run A Traveling Food Or Merchandise Concession

Available in EBook, Paperback, and AudioBook from multiple online bookstores.

ISBN, EBook: 978-1-7350426-0-2
ISBN, Paperback: 978-1-7350426-1-9
ISBN, AudioBook: 978-1-7350426-3-3

Mobile vending is one of the easiest, least risky, and least expensive home based businesses to start up. And it’s fun! It is quite different, however, from other conventional businesses. Festival vendors and food truck operators need specialized techniques to succeed. There are hurtles you may not have anticipated that can kill your new enterprise before you finish one season.

With over a decade in the business, Jarvis met and learned from hundreds of traveling concessionaires. Many of them said they wished they’d had a guide when they started their home-based businesses. That's why this book was written – to help others avoid costly goofs many new vendors make. The techniques in this book will smoothly propel you to a successful food truck or merchandise vending operation.

Whether you're just in the thinking-about-it stage or already have a booth up and running, you'll find loads of info to make your small business thrive. It's all covered: designing a stand, dealing with government agencies, finding events, choosing products to sell, how to draw customers, and how to keep records. Both merchandise and food vending are covered in detail.

What this book does not cover is finance. There are already hundreds of books about SBA loans, writing business plans, and setting up business structures, such as LLCs. This book is specific to the fair and festival vending industry, and it's packed with useful tips.

"Mobile Vending" includes lots of photos and graphics to demonstrate visually why some things work and others don't. Mix your entrepreneurial spirit with the strategies in this book, and you're on your way to a nice income through a vending venture. And you'll discover the satisfaction of running your own enterprise.

Zena's Pro Gold WoW Guide

Format: PDF, 104 Pages Full Screen, Plus Multiple Videos

Price: FREE Download and loads of FREE Videos HERE.

If you play World of Warcraft, you know one of the hardest parts of the game to master is gold making. Many players are fantastic in Raids or Battlegrounds but struggle to have enough gold for repairs, item enhancements and, most important, mounts.

Zena's Pro Gold WoW Guide was written originally in 2007, shortly before Wrath Of The Litch King was released. It was kind of a tough time in my life. I was "between jobs" and had way too much time on my hands, so I played WoW all day, every day. I updated the guide for the second expansion, then again for Cataclysm. After that, I just didn't have time to keep up with it. Besides, Blozzard dramatically altered the dynamics of Player Professions, and it kind of ticked me off. My systen for using Professions was fantastic, and they went and ruined it!

For several years I forgot about my guide and stoped playing Wow almost entirely. Then, here comes "Classic," and my gold making techniques are totally viable again! I created two new Classic characters, and, sure enough, my methods still work great for fast accumulation of gold. As I'm sure many of you have discovered, it's very satisfying to play the game as we remember it. That is, for those of use who started playing the game in its original version – before there were even flying mounts. "Classic" is considerably more challenging than the current game, but that's what I like about it. Also, the current game is way too convoluted, and professions are almost a waste of time anymore.

With so many players enjoying Classic, I decided to make Zena's Pro Gold WoW Guide available again, and now it's free. The Download Page includes many videos I recorded over a decade ago, and those are also free. You may get a kick out of seeing and remembering what the game looked like then.