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All these videos are in QuickTime format.  If you don't have QuickTime it's easy to download and install here: QuickTime  (If you have iTunes you already have QuickTime.)

Macros & Key Bindings 1

Macros & Key Bindings 2

Macros & Key Bindings 3

Using Equipment Manager

The folks at Blizzard added a cool feature in Patch 3.1 that allows you to save and switch between several sets of gear. It's terrific! But using the feature is a bit confusing at first.

How To Get The Crusader Enchantment Scroll

Gold Farming - Wintergrasp

Skinning - Ecodome Farfield

I don't have a Skinner character myself, but if I did this would be a place I'd want to go!

The (EASY) Way To His Heart

Here's how to make this popular daily quest go faster.

You found my old page! If you've been playing WoW for long, get ready for some nostalgia. This page went up in 2011.

Originally, this guide sold for $14.95. I didn't have time to keep writing updates after Cataclysm, so I just quit selling the guide. Now, with Classic, this guide is useful again! So I'm making it available for no charge.

You can also download lots of free videos. I usually play WoW on a Mac. Non Mac users may not know this, but the game has a built-in video capture feature that only works on Macintosh computers. There are third party applications you can get that will do video capture on Windows, of course, but when it's integrated into the game, the image quality is remarkable.

I recorded these videos before HTML5, so videos did not play well within browsers. Most of my videos start with a message about downloading and viewing full screen. That message is now obsolete. You can just click on any video and watch it full screen right in your browser.

Here ya' go - download and share all the copies you want.

Zena's Pro Gold WoW Guide -
Wrath Of The Litch King

How I Learned The Game
(If You're Interested)

In 2007 I was unfairly fired from a high profile job with a major casino corporation. (I live in Reno.) It was so unfair and so ugly that I filed a law suit and reported the corporation to appropriate Nevada state agencies. No one at the wretched casino corporation had the guts to tell the truth about what happened, so I was unable to prove my case. Those cowards all wanted to keep their cushy jobs, of course. (That's funny to me now, because since then three of the scum bags have themselves been fired!)

During that time WoW became my escape. I qualified for unemployment benefits—more proof that I was unjustly fired— so I was able to keep the bills paid while I applied for jobs. I found myself with quite a bit of time on my hands and WoW was a wonderful way to take my mind off my troubles. For almost a year I played WoW over twelve hours a day. I turned into one of those WoW freaks!

I did not change my method or spend a lot of extra time on making gold during that time. You don't have to play the game 12 hours a day to get rich in WoW.  For those months I really got into PvP Battlegrounds, which do not make gold. In fact, doing Battlegrounds and raids costs your character gold. Good thing I had a strong gold making method or my characters would have always been broke!

So it doesn't take 50 or more hours a week of play time to make plenty of gold. But playing that much did allow me to indulge deeply in the game, which prepared me to write about it. I've had time to go all over the continents of Azeroth, check out every possible grinding spot, and explore every pocket of mobs. My guide explains interesting places you may not have had time to investigate and shows you great grinding spots you may not have had time to discover.

Auction House Tips

Grinding Motes--Nagrand

Motes?  Aren't those so two expansions ago?  That's what a lot of players think, which is exactly why motes are excellent gold makers. Take a look at your AH. On many realms Motes are selling for MORE than Crystals. Nagrand is the place to find almost all mote types.

Grinding Motes Of Life - Zangarmarsh

Grinding Motes Of Mana

Grinding Motes Of Fire--Scald

Video Archive

The videos below became obsolete after Cataclysm. I left them up here for older players to enjoy a bit of nostalgia and for newer players to see how the game used to be, but now they're relevant again with "Classic."

Hearthglen Gold Farming

Darkwhisper Gorge, Winterspring

Farming Gold - Alcaz Island

Gold Farming - Tyr's Hand

The techniques in this guide work just as well for both Alliance and Horde!

To prove it I created two new Alliance characters. Starting from scratch, with no help from high level characters and without even joining a guild, these two characters were RICH by the time they hit 40. See for yourself. These two videos show my new characters at level 30 and 40:

Low Level Gold-30

Low Level Gold-40

Like my mount?  This is the Traveler's Tundra Mount.  It has two extra seats so other players can ride along, which is a convenient way to run lower level characters through high level areas.  What's really cool is when you're not carrying other players the two extra seats are occupied by vendors, and one of them is a repair vendor.  Get this mount and you never have to go back to town for repairs or supplies!  This mount cost me 17,000 gold.  And you thought a flying mount was expensive!  Oh yeah, it's good to be rich.

Northrend Fishing

Exotic Pets-The Stormspire

Some players LOVE exotic pets.  Here's a place you can just buy them from a vendor then sell them on AH for ten times as much!  This may or may not work on your server, but it's worth looking into.

Fishing While In BG Queue

Fishing is boring.  There's no getting around that.  Here's a simple way to level up your Fishing skill AND make gold without feeling as if you're wasting a bunch of time.


Zena's Pro Gold WoW
Guide - Cataclysm
Download Page



Borean Buff

It's kinda nice to grind for stuff you want anyway and then get a terrific buff as reward for your effort. I always do this quick task before heading to Kaskala.


I have not found a better place in all of Northrend to grind for Frostweave. Of course, this is for characters who are Tailors and have Northrend Cloth Scavenging.

Deadmines Solo At 30

Level 30 is a big milestone in WoW. It's a tough climb to get your very first character to 30. Now enjoy the benefits of your labor and start making gold in ernest. Go do solo runs of The Deadmines.

This was the download page for the Cataclysm version of the guide. Peeps used to pay for access to this page - really! Now it's free to anyone.

Here's wishing you many great kills and great loots!

Zena's Pro Gold WoW Guide - CATA

Tailoring/Enchanting For Gold--Netherweave

You've started reading Zena's Pro Gold WoW Guide and the four Profession technique is starting to make sense. But what items should you actually craft with your Tailor to get the best Enchantment mats? Here's what to do with Netherweave.

Tailoring/Enchanting For Gold--Runecloth

And here's how to make the most of your Runecloth.

How To Get Pattern-Robes Of Arcana

If no one on your server is selling Robes Of Arcana on a regular basis, this can be one of the best gold making tricks available to a lower level character.

Grinding Netherweb Spider's Silk

Why don't more players grind for Spider's Silk?  Beats me.  It's an easy gold maker!

Grinding Warmaul Hill, Nagrand

Grind for coins, cloth, items, mining nodes and build reputation with THREE factions all in the same place!


Practicing What I Preach

To demonstrate (and prove) how my techniques work, I created two new Alliance characters. Starting from scratch, with no help from high level characters and without even joining a guild, these two characters were RICH by the time they hit 40. These four videos show how they did it.

Practicing What I Preach-20

Practicing What I Preach-25

Practicing What I Preach-30

Practicing What I Preach-40