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Welcome, Entrepreneurs!

The answer to your question is yes; mobile vending is one of the easiest and least expensive home businesses to start up. It is not, however, a conventional business. You don't rent space at a mall and open up shop the way most retailers do.

Festival vending requires very specialized strategies and techniques to succeed. There are hurtles you may not have anticipated that can kill your new little enterprise before you even finish one season.

This guide will walk you through every step of the vending business. Whether you're just in the thinking about it stage or already have a booth up and running, you'll find loads of info in these e-book pages to make your business thrive. It's all covered: designing a stand, dealing with government agencies, finding events, choosing products to sell, how to draw customers and how to keep records. Both merchandise and food vending are covered in detail.

Since a picture speaks a thousand words this guide also has plenty of photos, diagrams and other visuals to help you see for yourself why some things work and others don't. Mix your creativity and initiative with the techniques in this book and you're on your way to a nice living through vending.

This business start-up guide is 74 pages in full screen PDF format, which means the photos and diagrams come alive in vivid detail on your computer screen. Also, references to web sites and other resources are in the form of active links so you can click on them right in the text.

Running your own small business opens up great opportunities for self-made income, but even better than that is the satisfaction of controlling your own life. If you have a job you really enjoy where you're appreciated and surrounded by people you like being with, congratulations. You won the lottery.

Most people, regardless how wonderful their jobs are, have moments when they wish their employers didn't have so much control over their lives. Even if your job is all unicorns and fairy dust, there's bound to be at least one troll, probably your boss, whom you'd rather not spend all day with.

My last two jobs were horrible experiences. I had to report to and work with the most petty, vindictive, incompetent and just plain mean people I had ever encountered. These were people I would never choose to associate with, but since it was my job I didn't have the choice not to associate with them. Can you relate?

Whether you choose mobile vending or something else, if you're like me you will discover running your own business to be the best way in the world to make a living. I wish you great success.

One of the things I like best about the mobile vending business is it allows me to pack my work into several months of the year and then have a few months of the year completely free. Folks who choose mobile vending as their home owned business work extra hard during festival season, then have lots of time off in the fall and winter. Lots of people complain about how busy they are during the Christmas season, especially in the retail industry. Wouldn't it be nice not to have any job at all during the whole month of December?


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Of course, I do understand many folks prefer to have a real book they can hold in their hands and read in their easy chair, so "Mobile Vending" is available in paperback form for $14.95, plus $2.00 shipping. Just choose the version of the book you'd like and click the appropriate "Buy It Now" button above.

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About the author: I have started and run three successful businesses over the past twenty years. Of those three businesses, I found Mobile Vending to be the fastest, least expensive and least risky home business to get into. However, I also found it to be the hardest to learn. That's why I decided to come up with this guide to help others skip the hard mistakes I made and jump to a successful vending operation much faster than they would without a guide. If you'd like to see proof of my successful vending business, feel free to visit the web site at: Tropic Hut - The Banana Bungalow.

Thanks for looking and here's hoping I see you and your mobile vending stand at events some day!


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